Семейна почивка за 60 лв на вечер!

For Kranevo

The resort Kranevo is located on the north coast of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Its beach and main street attract thousands of tourists each year. Besides the dozens of hotels that are complex, in Kranevo  you can visit different restaurants and attractions. The night life in the bars and discos is very attractive for many young men and women .In the resort you can find entertainment for every tourist. And around Kranevo are located at different sites.

3km south of the resort is the nose Ekrene, resort's old name, which is a lighthouse, visible from the road Varna-Balchik. Between Kranevo and Albena resort is the reserve "Balata" with over 60 years longozova forest where you can see some protected species of plants and animals.

16 km north of the resort is the town of Balchik, which is famous for the botanical garden and the palace of Queen Maria, and 25 km tsouth- city of Varna, where Dolphinarium awaits anyone willing to see the magic of the dolphins. So not only you can relax in the hotel "Festa Kranevo" from the busy lifestyle, but you can have fun with family, friends and colleagues.